CCIL Launches Tressa - A Quality Brand for Hair Treatment

10 February, 2014

Chemi Cotex the manufacturers of popular brands such as the Super brand White dent Toothpaste , Bannister's cream and Glycerine has launched its new range of hair care products under the Brand name “Tressa Professional” in a star studded ceremony held at the Serena  marquee DSM on the 10th of February 2014 . The event which was graced by  Top Salon owners, celebrities of the fashion and music world , members of the press and top management of Chemi Cotex.

“Tressa Professionals” range is an innovation in the hair care industry and has a combination of natural ingredients and science and has been made by one of the top manufacturers in South Africa. The product has been researched and tested on Tanzanian hair and give the African woman freedom from hair breakages, and also gives her the choice to choose products best suited for her hair.

The Tressa range has products like Relaxers (both regular and super), hair food with Jojoba oil and Indian hemp, Moisturising pink lotion, Neutralizing plus strengthening shampoo and hair mayonnaise. The products have been fortified with the goodness of keratin which is a relatively new concept in Tanzania.

With this initiative, and thanks to the special dose of magic during the launch that defined a new concept in the hair care category, Chemi & Cotex industries limited  has created a more direct and emotive link with all women who identify and express themselves with the need for good quality products in Tanzania. Chemi Cotex the dominant ORAL CARE player in Tanzania is redefining its international character by this inspirational development and launch of the world class “Tressa Professional” range.  

Le sel South Africa one of the most internationally experienced companies in the field of hair care, has worked with Chemi Cotex for developing this range for their new venture into the world of hair care.