Lagoon Hospitals Commence Specialists Operations in Victoria Island, Lagos

13 July, 2011

Lagoon Hospitals Commence Specialists Operations in Victoria Island, Lagos

Lagos, July 13 2011  –  In order to better service its customer base, Lagoon Hospital  Group  has  commenced a  Specialists  Clinic  in Victoria Island, Lagos.  The Clinic. Lagoon Specialists Suites is located at 13B, Idejo Street, Victoria Island.

With  world  class  equipment  and  the  leverage  on  the  skills  and  procedures  offered  by  its specialists  as  well  as  the  team  of  UK  based  Nigerian  specialists,  Lagoon  Specialist  Suites  has continued to enhance their provision of tertiary healthcare to  a different segment of customers in Nigeria.

The recently appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO)  of the Hospital,  Mr. Joe Hazel, noted that “Lagoon Specialist Suites will cater for  the  high net worth  individual’s  customer segment  who now do not need to travel out of Nigeria to receive specialist care.  These  clients can now more than ever, expect to enjoy a level of dedicated service with excellent standards.

According  to  Hazel,  the  Specialist  Services  provided  at  Lagoon  Specialist  Suites  will  include General  Surgery,  Paediatric  Surgery,  Neurology  &  Cardiology,  Colorectal  Surgery,  Plastic Surgery,  Orthopaedic  Surgery,  Cardio-thoracic  Surgery,  Urology,  Gynaecology,  Medicine (Cardiology  &  Diabetes),  Haematology,  Urology.  The  clinics  will  run  by  appointment  from 8.30am  –  5.30pm,  Mondays  to  Friday  and  Saturday  8.30am  –  1.30pm.  We  will  continue  to expand our operations and equip our facilities with state-of-art health services so as to enable various customer segments access quality care”.

Emphasis at Lagoon Specialists Suites would be on first class clinical care with an exceptional customer  care  experience.   Both  the  ambience  and  atmosphere  are  of  the  highest  standards while staff continue to be extremely professional, cordial and helpful at all times.

Lagoon Hospitals has continued to take the lead in developing the private sector in advanced medical  care  in  Nigeria  and  the  African  continent  at  large.  The  hospital  has  the  latest technological  equipment  combined  with  people  skills  to  administer  care  for  all  customer segment.    It is to these developments that  Lagoon Hospitals Apapa and Ikeja  recently became the  1st Hospitals  in  Sub-Saharan  Africa  to  earn  accreditation  from  Joint  Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in improving the healthcare quality.