At Satya we find that the inefficiencies and lower participation of dedicated institutional investors creates significant opportunity in the African public markets.

Investment framework: Positive Impact

Seeking positive impact is at the heart of our investment process. We leverage our deep experience of defining and evaluating impact themes in rigorous, measurable ways.  All our equity investments are be underpinned by impact themes (with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals), with a net-impact approach weighing positives and negatives. We track delivery of these impact themes as carefully as financial delivery, as well as actively engaging with management to improve impact delivery and reporting.

Investment framework: Commercial

We seek out opportunities in the public markets across credit and equities in three main themes:

Our public securities strategy is headed by Matthew Hodgkinson. Matthew has been a partner at Satya since 2017, he joined in 2009 from Terra Firma.

For more information please contact: info@satyacapital.com