Given increased globalisation and the emergence of highly portable technological solutions over the last decade Satya Capital Ventures has been set up to invest in companies that exploit these opportunities internationally and in Africa. Given the founders roots in building innovative companies in the technology and mobiles space provides Satya Capital Ventures with the relevant experience in identifying these opportunities and the ability to prosecute investments in a structured manner. 

SCV aim to work with a range of different organisations including funds, angel investors and individual companies. SCV targets companies at different stages of their growth with a bias to earlier rather than mature companies. 

Targeted sectors include:

SCV is led by Moez Daya. Moez was formerly Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer at Celtel International. Moez’s previous experience includes positions as an executive engineer at BT Mobile, as an Executive Director and Head of the cellular planning group at Cellnet (now O2). Moez was also one of the founders of MSI Plc and Product Director of MSI’s flagship software product (Planet) before joining Celtel as Chief Technical Officer. Moez has a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bath University.